7 Great Reasons to Use No-Mess

Looking for a good reason to pay more for that birdseed without shells? We'll give you seven!!

Better Value for You

Since the seeds and nuts in our No-Mess blends have no shells on them, you are not paying one penny for shell waste. 
Every tidbit is fresh, fully consumable food for the birds. It takes almost two bags of a regular blend with shells to get as much edible matter as in one bag of a No-Mess blend.

Less Mess

With no shells, every bit gets eaten, leaving no shell waste to clean. Birdfood that gets knocked to the ground will be consumed by ground-feeding birds.

At the end of winter you won't be faced with a soggy, clumpy mess of shells to clean up in spring. In the summer, your yard remains clear of shell waste. This makes No-Mess a perfect birdseed for near flower beds, patios, and decks.

No Germination

Seed without a shell typically will germinate under your bird feeders.

No Grass-killing Seed Shells

Sunflower seed shells contain compounds that, when left to accumulate beneath your birdfeeders, can limit the growth of grass. When you used No-Mess, grass will grow better beneath your birdfeeders!

Potential to Attract Birds that Typically Don't Eat Seed at Birdfeeders

Some birds don't have the type of beak that can easily open seeds with shells. The seeds and nuts in No-Mess have no shells, making them easier to eat for birds like bluebirds, thrushes, robins, creepers, thrashers, wrens, catbirds, mockingbirds, and more.

Less Energy Expenditure for the Birds

In the freezing days and nights of winter, survival is all about energy in and energy out. During short winter days, birds try to consume as much as they can to provide the energy to survive the frigid winter night. In spring and summer, breeding and raising young is a high energy expenditure activity for birds, as is the process of molting feathers.

Birdfeeders provide birds with an easy source of food, minimizing energy used in the search for a food source. And when you fill your feeders with food without shells, you help to minimize energy expenditures for birds that consume the shell-less foods.

A Great Alternative to Niger Seed (Thistle) for the Goldfinches

The goldfinches in my yard seem to actually prefer No-Mess over Niger seed.

Feeding a No-Mess No-Millet blend in an Eliminator Squirrel-proof Birdfeeder or regular tube birdfeeder on a baffled Advanced Pole System set-up can attract flocks of goldfinches. This eliminates the big black mess under your finch feeders that Niger seed shells leave behind. This could be a great option if you can only have one birdfeeder in your yard.

Count 'em - seven great reasons to go No-Mess!!! You'll will find a variety of No-Mess Blends at Wild Birds Unlimited - S Yarmouth, MA