Ever sit in bed in the morning and wonder what bird you hear singing outside?

How about when you’re taking a walk and can hear a bird but can’t see him yet?
What you need is Merlin’s Sound ID feature on your Mobile phone!

In a nutshell, it’s like “Shazam for birds.” When activated, it transforms bird sounds into visual representations (spectrograms) and provides real-time species identifications using artificial intelligence.

What’s more-it’s free, (provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

We at Wild Birds Unlimited would like to convince you to try it by making it as easy as possible with the information provided below:

Learn How To Use Merlin Sound ID On YouTube

Create an APS System in 2 minutes

Instructional Video Create an APS System in 2 minutes

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Instructional Video Create a Feeding Station on Your Deck

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LIVE Video Merlin Bird ID How to Install on Smart Phone

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